Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Haunted Country by Faith Serafin - Where the south comes alive with stories of the dead and forgotten.
Welcome to "Haunted Country". This new blog series is dedicated to the history of the unusual South and the legends and folklore that is intertwined. Let paranormal author, Faith Serafin take you on a perilous journey through the great voodoo city of New Orleans, Louisiana, hear about the ancient narratives of old slave stories along the murky depths of the Mississippi River. Join her in the Confederate strong holds of Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas. And travel further into the deep, dark swamps of southern Florida.

Haunted Country will feature stories from all over the Southern United States and possibly a few more from our northern neighbors. The first few tales will be released this summer and you can expect everything from ghost stories, cryptid and supernatural creatures, legends of extraordinary and historical people, forgotten traditions, taboo, and even a few UFO stories.

This promises to be a great series and I hope that you will share it with your friends and family who enjoy a good tall tale and maybe some serious history with a spooky twist. It’s sure to be a hair raiser, if not a "hell raising" good time!


-Faith Serafin

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